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Veon Vision Impact of Brexit on Irish Forestry


I.F.S. Asset Managers Limited is a leading Irish & international forestry asset management company. Established in 1997 it was unique in developing the concept of the Irish Forestry Funds, a group of 30 Irish public limited companies which have invested directly in Irish forestry as an asset class. Through its asset management role and association with the Irish Forestry Funds, IFS has revolutionised the ownership of forestry in Ireland.


Since its inception, IFS has consistently built a significant brand identity for the Irish Forestry Funds and has generated substantial awareness of Irish forestry as a safe secure and tangible asset class for members of the general public and also for its institutional and corporate clients.


Corporate and Family Wealth Office bespoke forestry asset portfolio solutions
IFS Asset Managers has developed bespoke software to enable the most advanced sylvicultural techniques to be used in assembling a forestry portfolio based on the investing requirements of individual family offices. This product is proving to be especially popular among continental wealth managers operating on behalf of well established European families who are interested in inter-generational wealth protection through portfolio diversification.


IFS Asset Managers Limited services private client, family wealth office and institutional investors through the provision of tailored forestry investment solutions.


The underlying strategies employed by IFS are structured around forestry investment fundamentals, specifically discounted cash flow analyses, growth and yield, optimisation modelling and market research.


Beginning with a clear holistic understanding of our client’s requirements, specific forest opportunities are researched and forest and land portfolio modelling commences. The company's core areas of forestry management expertise are in Ireland and Scotland.


For further information on the Irish Forestry Funds please visit their website at www.irish-forestry.ie



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